Our olive collection, which is inspired from Ancient Greek history and especially from greek land includes unique handcrafted jewels, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches with olive leaves and gemstones in sterling silver or gold. The olive tree in Ancient Greece was a symbol of the Olympic ideal, since an olive branch was the only prize for the Olympic champions. Τhe olive tree symbolizes peace, victory, honor and prosperity.

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14k Gold leaves necklace with zircon

450,00 382,50
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18K Gold Leaf Earrings with diamonds

825,00 701,25
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18k Gold Leaf necklace with diamonds

525,00 446,25
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Ancient Greek bracelet with olive leaves – Sterling Silver

410,00 348,50

Ancient Greek Ring with olive leaves – Sterling Silver

72,00 61,20

Autumn Leaf Ring – 925 Sterling Silver

75,00 63,75

Blue Opal Leaf Greek Key Ring- 925 Sterling Silver

49,00 41,65

Blue Opal Olive Leaf Ring- 925 Sterling Silver

34,00 28,90

Diamond Leaf Ring – 18K Solid Yellow Gold

1.024,00 870,40

Diamond Leaf Ring – 18K Solid Yellow Gold

980,00 833,00

Diamond Leaf Wedding Ring – 18K Solid Yellow Gold

1.124,00 955,40
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Gold Plated Olive Wreath Bracelet

88,00 74,80